About Hunni Pop

Hunni (pronounced honey) Pop! is a digital platform for millennial women to connect.  This space will allow millennial diverse women to contribute content on all things that affect their lifestyle.  My goal is to seek contributors who specialize in blogging and vlogging to share out on topics and to create dialogue among those who subscribe.  Ultimately Hunni Pop will grow and have millennial influencers in other cities to host women conferences, mentorship programs, workshops, and social events. 


Meet Stacey,

Stacey L. Pugh is a poppin sunni from the Gateway of the Midwest aka St. Louis, MO.  Starting as a brand ambassador for a popular skincare company, she grew on the social scene and learned that she loved not only entrepreneurship but that she loved organizing cultural events for young black people and specifically getting black millennial women together to discuss all kinds of topics. Besides currently working in Higher Education, she has expanded on these gifts.  Her social media, writing, editing, and producing skills have given her the opportunity to work with brands like I Don't Do Clubs and The Sound Rack Productions and in 2018 she will officially launch her  own brand called Hunni (honey) Pop! where you can follow her adventures and also find helpful and connective content from herself and other influencers.